Which e-bike is right for me?

Which e-bike is right for me?

Well, it begins with your lifestyle… Your type of e-bike depends on what you want to do with it.

Do you:
A. Want a healthier commute and to arrive at work refreshed and sweat-free? Or to nip around town taking the load off your shopping – and the school run?
B. Love cycling in the city but sometimes yearn for day trips in nature? Or even longer trips exploring the beautiful countryside in near silence?
C. Want to get fitter and faster? Sporty? Adventurous? Think there ain’t no mountain high enough?

A. City e-bike
B. Urban/Touring e-bike
C. Mountain e-bike (e-MTB)

Did you pick one or more than one? Read on to learn more about each type of bike, find your perfect match, and discover how it really could change your life… 

City e-bikes
A modern classic


Just think how your commute into work could be so much more pleasurable. For starters: no more crowded – or late – public transport. Imagine instead gliding past queues of cars at the traffic lights and effortlessly taking off when they turn green. And not getting stuck in traffic jams also means you can time your commute much better. Thanks also to the seamless integration of SHIMANO STEPS into the frame of a classic city bike, your new two wheels will feel and ride just like a regular bicycle – but with benefits:

• Thanks to a refined power boost of up to 25 km/h, you’ll arrive at the office on time – without sweating or feeling tired. There’s no healthier way to begin the day or unwind at the end of it.

• The silent boost of an e-City bike takes the load off your grocery shopping or school runs. You won’t even feel the extra weight.

Longer trips without getting tired


E-Urban bikes usually have a front shock absorber, a wider range of gears, and equipped with Shimano STEPS - so these bikes are perfect for long trips out of the city. In fact, the large capacity battery allows you to ride dozens of miles further than a regular bike. This means you can visit even more places than you thought possible on a bike. Plus there are other advantages:

• SHIMANO STEPS takes the weight off a bike loaded with panniers – even if it’s piled with heavier luggage, like a tent, for those longer trips.

• The extra power boost helps you on hills and lets you travel much further than a regular bike could each day without getting any more tired.

Note: Fans of long-distance cycling tourism point out that the battery needs to be charged and that this requires the availability of a power socket. But unless you’re in the Australian outback, most places you’ll stay overnight – even campsites – will have electricity. It only takes 4.5 hours to fully charge the SHIMANO STEPS battery – and after 2.5 hours, it will be charged to 80% capacity*.

* Results based on Shimano EC-E8004 battery charger.

Mountain (e-MTB): Hardtail / Full Suspension
Explore new grounds

Mountain e-Bikes

Want to discover unchartered territory or simply keep up with your mountain biking buddies? We’ve got your back. Our dedicated SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB systems are harmoniously integrated into diverse mountain bike brands. They will give you enough power for that steep, tricky bit of trail, yet are intuitive enough to give you just the right amount of support to tackle technical single-tracks with confidence. And because our e-bike systems are lightweight, you’ll be able to jump obstacles, descend and corner just like a regular mountain bike. It’s not cheating – and still gives you a great workout. Furthermore:

• Electric mountain bikes aren’t only for exploring rough terrains: they’re also great for relaxed multi-day tours, particularly on gravel roads when comfort and grip are paramount.

• e-MTBs also have great suspension, particularly reliable brakes and more grip on their tyres which will give you more confidence, even on easy terrain.

Note: Many consumers are swapping their cars for e-MTBs when it comes to their daily commute. In this case, we recommend a hardtail e-MTB (one with front suspension), which should give you a good dose of comfort, confidence and fun to begin – and end – each day.

E-bikes aren’t motorcycles. But they do allow you to go further and faster – and ride cleaner and more conveniently. They’re an ideal option if you’re considering swapping your car for a healthier city commute, school run or shopping trip. Or if you want to introduce (or reintroduce) more sporty activities into your life.

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