Bosch E-Bike Range Assistant

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The range assistant will tell you just how many kilometres of support you can expect from your eBike system on your next tour. Have fun!

Please note the following points:

  • The more detailed your information about the bike configuration, rider and environmental conditions, the more accurate the result you will obtain.
  • The calculated data comprises estimates and approximations that may vary from the actual result. The precise data will vary, depending on the type of use and the external influences.
  • Additional electric consumers such as the bicycle light or devices connected to the USB port of the on-board computer will impact on the range.
  • For Performance Line CX in eMTB mode, the range cannot be calculated exactly due to the progressive engine support (120–300%); on average, it’s equal to the Sport mode.
  • The calculated values apply to new power packs, however, as with all lithium-ion batteries, the capacity can decline due to age and usage, which can impact on range.
  • Some of the eBike systems and components shown may not be available in all countries.
  • No liability is accepted for the accuracy of the determined values.