Why e-bikes?

Why e-bikes?

Aren't they just for lazy people?

The latest research shows that 46% of regular bikes are only used once or twice a week, and 1/3 are used less than 25 times a year. However, 30% of eBike owners use their bikes at least once a day, and a whopping 81% ride their bikes at least once a week! A recent German study revealed that electric bicycles are ridden up to 8 times more often than regular bikes. Our experienced and friendly team at South Coast Electric Bikes can help you get back on a bike and enjoy life a little more.

1. Electric bikes are more fun!
You can ride your electric bike with less effort and at higher speeds. And isn't speed the factor that is the most fun? Everybody knows how hard and frustrating it is to ride your bike uphill or when you're tired. What is the best thing about cycling? Riding downhill! On an electric bike you always feel good - even going uphill or when you're tired.

2. Sweat less!
You can commute to work and won’t arrive out of breath and sweaty. No need to bring extra clothes. Just start your workday in the office fresh and alert.

3. End frustration!
Peak hour can be a nightmare! On an electric bike, you can pass all the cars waiting in traffic. And smile!

4. Say goodbye stress!
Commuting on an electric bike is so much less stressful than driving your car. The energy you’re gaining by riding your e-bike to work generates a very productive day and is proven to fight depression and illness.

5. Be healthy and fit, and look and feel younger!
Being outdoors in the fresh air is so much healthier than stressing out inside your car. Ride and pedal along - you decide how much energy you use. You can ride faster with less effort in a higher pedal-assist mode or you can ride faster just by pedalling more. It's your choice if you want to exercise more or less. You decide how many calories you burn. Working out in the fresh air is good for your body, your skin, and benefits your overall mood.

6. Reduce emissions!
\You've always wanted to contribute to clean air but had no idea how to do it? An electric bike reduces your carbon footprint and actively helps reduce smog in the city.

Commuting to the office on an e-bike

7. Get in shape!
You're trying to lose weight? The pedal assist modes of an electric bicycle let you decide if you want to burn more calories or less. It's so easy and totally up to you how much weight you lose.

8. Save money!
Riding your e-bike to work saves you a lot of money on petrol and car insurance! Just plug it in and you're ready to go!

9. Save time!
Why not do all errands with your electric bike? Buy groceries, go to the gym, eat out, pick up food at the farmer's market - all on your electric bike. Much faster and more efficient than in your car.

10. Say goodbye to parking spot searching!
The time of lengthy parking search is over: just park directly in front of your work, store, gym, cafe or favourite restaurant.

11. Do longer trips!
Weekend trips on an electric bike are so much fun because you don’t have to worry about getting tired. Just use a higher pedal assist mode when you return home.

12. Share more love!
Are you in better shape than your partner? It was always difficult to ride with your other half because you are faster than him/her? Riding an electric bike together solves this problem. Whenever your partner gets tired he/she chooses a higher pedal-assist mode and can keep up with you. You can ride together for hours on end without the constant words of "wait for me". Your relationship will prosper.


The reasons to ride an electric bicycle are countless, but talk is cheap - come for a free test ride to South Coast Electric Bikes (inside Ultimate Cycles store) and we can show you first hand the different models and brands. We guarantee - you're going to love it too.